Project Blue Sky is a rebrand of our state, for Oklahomans, by Oklahomans. We’ve assembled a special team called the OklaX, a consortium of the finest creative minds and marketing professionals from every corner of Oklahoma, to craft a new story and look that will make us proud and attract more tourists, talent, businesses and investors. This rebrand includes our state government agencies.

Over the next months through the first half of next year, we will be implementing a rigorous process comprised of 6 phases:


Project Blue Sky partners build their knowledge about the requirements of the initiative, study how other destinations brand and assemble the project working team.


Interviews with various state officials and business leaders, as well as nation-wide research, to gather insights on how best to brand Oklahoma.


Determine the strongest competitive market position for Oklahoma.

Oklabrand Summit #1

Review and finalize positioning with internal stakeholders; brief and distribute assignments to the OklaX team.


Develop the new story and look and feel for Oklahoma.


Develop a document that guides and inspires businesses and advertising agencies on how to implement the new brand in their communications.

Oklabrand Summit #2

Reveal of final system and pilot applications to stakeholders; thank OklaX.

Start Rollout

The first examples of the new brand will be seen at our state website, on state welcome signs and on vehicle license plates.